Re: WSCompile!!!...there is a problom in windows XP for SURE

From: Doug Kohlert <Doug.Kohlert_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:14:08 -0700

This is working fine for me with JWSDP 1.4. What is your commadline
looke like? Assuming for sunreg class files are
in a directory \temp\sunreg, your command-line invocation from the
\jwsdp-1.4\jaxrpc\bin directory should be something

C:\jwsdp-1.4\jaxrpc\bin>wscompile -gen -verbose -d \temp\sunreg\classes
-classpath \temp \temp\sunreg\config.xml

shaba dil wrote:

>Hi all,
>I become totally helpless in my problom with wscompile
>tool.i just dont getting the reason.i have downloaded
>JWSDP again and installed in winXP machine.i wanna do
>it in winXP machine becoz the target client will be in
>Now i have RE-INSTALLED the operating system.and
>installed and tried JWSDP1.4.The same error is showing
>if i try to use wscompile tool using this command
>wscompile -gen config.xml.
>Output is RMIModeller error:ClassNotFoundException
>It maybe simple.But i never get any clue that how it's
>coming.Bobby(Robert.Bissett@ Sun.COM) checked my code
>and he says that it's working fine in his system.i
>think that he is using another OS than windows XP.
>So i humbly suggest you to check the problom.This
>maybe a very silly problom,but i get struck with
>it,becoz JAX-RPC is new,nobody knows it.
>I am sending my simple code and a screencapture.avi
>file with this.just check it.
>I am quite sure that there IS A PROBLOM of using
>wscompile in WINDOWS XP.Plz help me to go ahead with
>thanks in advance,
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