RE: Streaming of data supported in JAX-RPC?

From: Karr, David <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 06:18:14 -0700

In your web service method, you can get the original SOAPMessage that
wrapped the object you received in your method (although I can't
remember exactly how). In the SOAPMessage, you can directly read any
attachments that were present in the message.

Also, if you add Handlers to your web service, they directly take a
SOAPMessage, which attachments can be read from.

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> From: Merten Schumann []
> in JAX-RPC, is there the streaming of data supported?
> I saw SAAJ "SOAP with Attachments", but as far as I
> understood this is used behind the scenes in JAX-RPC. Using
> JAX-RPC, can I offer a method in a webservice
> taking/returning this MIMEData stuff?
> I would need something like electric.util.mime.MIMEData in
> webMethods GLUE ...
> Thank you!
> Merten
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