RE: RE: Streaming of data supported in JAX-RPC?

From: Merten Schumann <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 16:17:21 +0200

Is there a standard return/parameter type in JAX-RPC I could use in my
web service method?
I mean, something like GLUE's MIMEData stuff.

There I could define methods like
   electric.util.mime.MIMEData getBlob(long id);
   void updateBlob(electric.util.mime.MIMEData data, long id)
beneath my normal (non-stream) methods.

Something like this in JAX-RPC?

BTW: GLUE doc writes
The GLUE implementation transfers attachments without the data ever
having to reside in memory. By default, outbound attachments are
streamed from their source directly to the transport layer, and inbound
attachments are streamed directly from the transport layer to a
temporary file.

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> Subject: RE: Streaming of data supported in JAX-RPC?
> In your web service method, you can get the original SOAPMessage that
> wrapped the object you received in your method (although I can't
> remember exactly how). In the SOAPMessage, you can directly read any
> attachments that were present in the message.
> Also, if you add Handlers to your web service, they directly take a
> SOAPMessage, which attachments can be read from.
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> > From: Merten Schumann []
> >
> > in JAX-RPC, is there the streaming of data supported?
> > I saw SAAJ "SOAP with Attachments", but as far as I
> > understood this is used behind the scenes in JAX-RPC. Using
> > JAX-RPC, can I offer a method in a webservice
> > taking/returning this MIMEData stuff?
> >
> > I would need something like electric.util.mime.MIMEData in
> > webMethods GLUE ...
> >
> > Thank you!
> > Merten

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