Re: Stateless Session Beans and JAX-RPC

From: Doug Kohlert <Doug.Kohlert_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 16:13:40 -0700

Hopefully this will help:

Gabriel Bauman wrote:

>Good afternoon,
>I am trying to expose a stateless session bean as a SOAP web service.
>Can anyone point me to an end-to-end, config-file-by-config-file,
>dependency-by-dependency guide that explains the correct way to expose a
>stateless session bean's methods over JAX-RPC?
>I have used JAX-RPC successfully a number of times to expose non-EJB
>classes using the JAX-RPC servlet provided by the JWSDK. However, I am
>seeing a number of hints that it is somehow possible to expose a session
>bean directly by defining a "web service interface" in the ejb-jar.xml
>file that defines the bean, and including a mapping xml file in the
>deployable WAR file. If this is indeed possible, it would be an absolute
>It appears that this functionality has been rolled into the EJB spec,
>but the documentation I have found in my Googling has been confusing.
>The IBM-provided JSR-109 reference implementation has proven difficult
>to use, due to its reliance on xrpcc (isn't that deprecated?) and
>Windows batch files (I don't have a Windows machine). I can't seem to
>find a guide that lays out the process in a concise, coherent manner
>without escaping into the use of vendor-specific UI-based tools.
>Any help would be most gratefully received.

Doug Kohlert
Sun Microsystems, Inc.   
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