Stateless Session Beans and JAX-RPC

From: Gabriel Bauman <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 15:53:03 -0700

Good afternoon,

I am trying to expose a stateless session bean as a SOAP web service.

Can anyone point me to an end-to-end, config-file-by-config-file,
dependency-by-dependency guide that explains the correct way to expose a
stateless session bean's methods over JAX-RPC?

I have used JAX-RPC successfully a number of times to expose non-EJB
classes using the JAX-RPC servlet provided by the JWSDK. However, I am
seeing a number of hints that it is somehow possible to expose a session
bean directly by defining a "web service interface" in the ejb-jar.xml
file that defines the bean, and including a mapping xml file in the
deployable WAR file. If this is indeed possible, it would be an absolute

It appears that this functionality has been rolled into the EJB spec,
but the documentation I have found in my Googling has been confusing.
The IBM-provided JSR-109 reference implementation has proven difficult
to use, due to its reliance on xrpcc (isn't that deprecated?) and
Windows batch files (I don't have a Windows machine). I can't seem to
find a guide that lays out the process in a concise, coherent manner
without escaping into the use of vendor-specific UI-based tools.

Any help would be most gratefully received.

Gabriel Bauman <>
Bravenet Web Services Inc.
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