Re: JSR-109 and EJBs

From: Mete Kural <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2004 22:34:44 +0000

Hello Cliff,

Thanks for the insight you've given in your email.

>The current 109 spec does not provide for stateful session web service
>EJBs. You'll need to use JAX-RPC for that.

But isn't 109 based on JAX-RPC anyways? I would think that something 109 can't do, JAX-RPC could not do either. Have I misunderstood the whole thing? I thought that 109 simply leveraged JAX-RPC and built on top of it.


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>From: Mete Kural <>
>Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 16:25:40 +0000
>> >It depends on what your web service is about to do.
>> The web service that we want to build is for a CRM product. Although we want to take this opportunity to completely revamp our back-end CRM application and port it into a J2EE environment and not have any baggage from the old system. We are already in the process of building a JCA Connector for the old back-end system for use in Java-based portal servers. But we want the next generation of our CRM product to interface the outside world via Web services. Therefore I was investigating possible architecture options for a completely new CRM application with a web service front.
>Well from that, it sounds like a J2EE style web service would be
>perfect for you. Since 109 is only available in J2EE 1.4, I assume
>you have an app server that runs J2EE 1.4. 109 makes it so that
>deployment of the web service automatically runs the wscompile for
>you, of course, you'll have to learn another deployment descriptor
>file (webservices.xml) unless you have a tool that does it for you.
>Then with 109, you'll need to decide if you want servlet style or EJB
>style (stateless session EJB style, that is). The EJB style tends to
>be more scalable and works well with other EJBs (transactionally,
>> One more question that I have is how session management can be achived in EJB-based JSR-109-compliant web servies.
>The current 109 spec does not provide for stateful session web service
>EJBs. You'll need to use JAX-RPC for that.
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