How to describe variable # of Attachments in WSDL

From: Farrukh Najmi <Farrukh.Najmi_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:54:13 -0500

This is a little off-topic to JAX-RPC today but I figure someone on the
list must know the answer to my question.

In a WSDL that describes a Web Service based upon SOAP 1.1 with
attachments how does one describe an operation within a (SOAP) binding that has
zero or more attachments where each attachments itself
is a mime multi-part.

Consider the example of an operation submitObjects below
which takes as input the message msgSubmitObjectsRequest also below.
This message a SOAP body as first part and then 0 or more parts that are
of type multi-part related named (payload0 .... payloadN).

<operation name="submitObjects">
         <soap:body parts="partSubmitObjectsRequest" use="literal"/>
         <mime:content part="payload1" type="multipart/related"/>
     <soap:body use="literal"/>

<message name="msgSubmitObjectsRequest">
   <part name="partSubmitObjectsRequest" element="lcm:SubmitObjectsRequest"/>

   <part name="payload1" type="xsd:string"/>

The question I have are:

1. How to I capture variable number of parts

2. What should be the type for part named payload1 if it is itself a multi-part

Thanks for any ideas. Does WS-Attachment Profile draft address this in any way?

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