Re: Basic Question about JAX-RPC

From: RaviKiran <Venkata-Naga.Ravikiran_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 10:29:36 +0530

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Anna Bikkina wrote:

>I am totally new to webservices and related technologies.
>I have to write a web services application that should serve xml files to the
>client(Files larger than a MB)? Will there be a performance problem to send
>large files to the client using webservices . Also is it a good idea to send
>the file as a return type of a method or as an attachment in the soap file.
I think attachment would be better.

>One other question is this xml file contains huge rows of data obtained from
>the database. Basically I do not want convert this data into java objects
>because of performance issues(It might take lot of time to convert data from
>database to java objects) and hence decided to write the data to the xml. Is
>this a good idea in the first place?
If you choose to model your service as returning a xml document as
String ,the object creation would be simpler and less expensive,than
to a Document Object from SOAP Response
I think JAXM/SAAJ should be better for the scenario you have mentioned
than JAX-RPC as it gives you more flexibility w.r.t handling soap

>Please help me providing answers to the above questions.
>Thanks in advance,
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