Parsing a WSDL with one port having multiple bindings and multiple ports

From: Sameer Tyagi <Sameer.Tyagi_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2004 12:14:21 -0500

I have a WSDL with a portType that has multiple bindings. The bindings
are exposed as multiple ports. The idea is to bind the same port with
different SOAPAction types.

When I try to generate the client side bindings, I get naming conflicts.
The switches being used are are as follows :
-f:wsi -f:explicitcontext -gen:client

If I remove the second port element in this WSDL everything works fine.
Otherwise I get a naming conflict.
       [echo] Running wscompile....
       [exec] error: the following naming conflicts occurred:
generated.IPurchaseOrder_PortType, generated.IPurc
haseOrder_PortType_Tie, generated.IPurchaseOrder_PortType_Stub

If I add another portType and use that instead, that works too. But
shouldnt one portType do the job ?

As it stands now, there is :

portType----------> two bindings-----------> bound to two ports

Can anyone help in figureing out what I m doing wrong here ?
Attached is the WSDL extract that I m refering too

Thanks !

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