Auto-bindings to SOAPMessage?

From: Karr, David <>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:28:30 -0800

At a high-level, I'm familiar with most of the specs in this arena, but
I haven't gotten into much code here yet. I'm starting to investigate
using some parts of JAX-RPC to do some routing and translations of web
services requests in different forms. For instance, I may be taking a
string representing either a soap envelope or the payload for the
eventual envelope (which to expect is determined by init params or
context). I then want to create a SOAPMessage object representing that.
What strategies are available in the jwsdp for translating the XML
string into a SOAPMessage object? I know of JAXB for binding XML into
defined objects, but is there anything for predefined bindings for XML
into SOAPMessage?

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