Re: Handling mustUnderstand Headers

From: Kevin Jones <kevinj_at_DEVELOP.COM>
Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2003 14:44:21 +0100

Thanks Bobby

> Hi Kevin,
> In the handler that processes the header, you should remove the header
> that is targeted at you from the message before passing it
> on.

And of course sod's law says I was just about to try this

> It sounds
> like the header is being propagated through to the endpoint, and the
> endpoint does not understand the header. For more details see:

> As for the code in your handler, once you have a handle to the header
> element you can simply call: myHeaderElement.detachNode()

I understand the SOAP processing model but based on the way the RI
worked with actors I was hoping that by not specifying and actor the RI
would associate the handler chain with 'no actor' such that when I
returned the QName from getHeaders it would 'know' I had processed the

As a matter of interest, why does the RI assume that if I return the
QName from a chain associated with an actor I understand the header, but
if I return the QName from a chain associated with a header no actor is

Also, why do I see the handleResponse method of my headers being called
if I don't process a mustUnderstand header (with no actor). As the
runtime throws an exception anyway shouldn't it short-circuit the
response chain processing?

Thanks again,

Kevin Jones