Re: MessageContext->Stub and Stub->MessageContext?

From: Bobby Bissett <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:08:53 -0400

> handleResponse(mc) call for the first service call will retrieve the id/token from soap header
> and would like to save it "somewhere" on the client, then handleRequest(ms) call for the next
> service call will add id/token back to the soap header. my question is where is "somewhere"
> in a standard jaxrpc implementation????

One easy way to have a handler and client share information is to use a
singleton holder class. Since the handler and client are in the same vm,
the handler can do something like:

   MyHolder.getInstance().storeData(String myID);

...and the client can retrieve it, as can the handler again for the next


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