Re: Size of the JAX-RPC Client Run-time Library

From: Peter C. Tribble <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 14:19:41 +0100

>>>I went through the JWSDP 1.2 tutorial. As I looked at the ant build scripts
used to compile the JAX-RPC client code, I realized that there were a lot of JAR
files that were included. This worried me a little because we have to package a
JAX-RPC client with our applet product and we cannot afford to add more than
several 100KB's to the size of the applet. The jaxrpc-impl.jar by itself is 1.4
MB!! Obviously there must be a lot of classes in jaxrpc-impl.jar that aren't
necessary for the client run-time environment. It seems like that there are also
jar files that jaxrpc-impl.jar depends on and needs.
>>>What are the minimum classes that are required in order to be able to run the
JAX-RPC reference implementation client run-time environment? What is the total
size of all these classes?

If you really are limited to a few hundred K or less of jar files, using
JAX-RPC is going to be tough.

The two solutions I'm using are:

(1) Use Java Web Start. This doesn't help the first time, but if you've
got clients who use the application a lot then they'll only have to download
it the once and it will be much quicker the next time.

(2) Don't use JAX-RPC. For simple lightweight operations something like
XML-RPC may be more suitable. And the jar file is less than 60K.

-Peter Tribble
HGMP Computing Services