Re: Support for JAX-RPC on SunOne WebServer 6.0

From: Atkins, Richard <rjatkins_at_AVAYA.COM>
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 10:49:10 +1000

Hi John,

> > The URL your client is using needs to have the name of the interface
> (the
> > port, in web services terminology) you're trying to invoke in it.
> >
> > Eg, from the hello example from the JWSDP tutorial, the endpoint is
> mapped
> > to "/hello", and it defines an interface HelloIF in the hello package.
> To
> > access this, you need a URL like http://localhost/hello/HelloIF.
> Is it possible to have multiple ports for the same service, i.e
> http://localhost/hello/HelloIF1
> http://localhost/hello/HelloIF2
> etc
> ?

Yes it is. You just need to add another <interface> declaration to your
<service> definition in your config.xml (if you're generating a wsdl from
java classes with wscompile or xrpcc). I'm not sure how you could go about
doing the same for wsdl to java, or how this would work with wsdeploy.

See for
the syntax of the wscompile and wsdeploy xml files, and for
the syntax of the xrpcc xml file.

I have this successfully working using xrpcc and generating the wsdl from
java, and adding the required servlet and servlet-mapping for JAXRPCServlet
to my web.xml by hand.

Let me (and the rest of the list) know if you get it working using wscompile
and wsdeploy starting from a wsdl file.