xrpcc vs. wscompile, wsdeploy?

From: Mike Yawn <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2002 09:19:12 -0700


I developed and deployed a web service using the EA2 release,
using only the xrpcc tool.

I notice that now (1.0) JAX-RPC includes wscompile and wsdeploy
tools. Is wscompile intended as a replacement for xrpcc?
I notice xrpcc is still included with the distribution, so
it's unclear to me how to position the new ws* tools
relative to xrpcc.

I've really tried to find this information on Sun's site,
but other than the fact the tools are shown in the tutorial,
I can't find anything describing their intent or relation
to xrpcc.

Mike Yawn
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