Re: xrpcc: WSDL to Java is not working

From: Arun Gupta <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 11:02:40 -0700

Hi Richard,

The schema version supported by the xrpcc tool is And that's why you are getting this
error message.

Thanks for your interest in JAX-RPC.


Richard Monson-Haefel wrote:

> I think there may be a bug in the xrpcc tool. I've attempted to several
>different WSDL to Java code generations with xrpcc and it just doesn't
>seem to work. I keep getting the same error.
>"error: modeler error: invalid entity name: "string" (in namespace:
>I an attempt to elliminate my own typos and other bugs I used examples
>WSDL files from the WSDL 1.1 specification (,
>but they gave exactly the same errors*. I used examples 1, 4, and 5.
>I have attached my WSDL files and xrpcc config files in the hope that
>someone can either help fix the problem. The WSDL files are taken from
>the WSDL 1.1 Specification so they should work.* The error consistently
>states that my entity name "string" is wrong. I've tried a lot of
>different WSDL files to fix the problem but I just doesn't work for me.
>I've tried changing the use of type to element as an attribute for the
>part element but this doesn't work.
>It seems that I can only use an XSD type if its assigned to a type
>attribute of a <part/> and if the style of the soap:binding is "rpc" and
>if the soap:input and soap:output use SOAP 1.1 encoding. Other
>combinations, such as using types defined in the types element or using
>XSD types with document style bindings and literal encoding just doesn't
>Richard * I had to make a couple fixes to these WSDL 1.1 examples,
>because they all had an extra '>' at the end of an operation element and
>also example 5 failed to declare a QName for wsdl prefix
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