Re: Zhijun: Mojarra 2.3 AdminGUIIT test reemove _at_Ignore

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2015 08:13:02 -0700

>>>>> On Tue, 29 Sep 2015 17:31:18 +0800, zhijun Ren <> said:

RZ> Hi Ed,
RZ> I used glassfish 4.1 to do the test today, I found:

RZ> 1. The issue is related to the jsf, without patch jsf, there is no
RZ> problem, the 'localhost:4848' was visible. but if patched with latest
RZ> jsf(2.3.0-m03-snapshot), the problem happened. I will call them correct
RZ> and wrong cases respectively in the following description;

RZ> 2. I debuged with glassfish's code, found the following codes run
RZ> differently in the correct and wrong cases. class
RZ> org.glassfish.admingui.common.handlers.PluginHandlers's
RZ> includeFirstIntegrationPoint() method:

RZ> / @Handler(id="includeFirstIntegrationPoint",
RZ> input={
RZ> @HandlerInput(name="type", type=String.class, required=true),
RZ> @HandlerInput(name="root", type=UIComponent.class,
RZ> required=false)})
RZ> public static void includeFirstIntegrationPoint(HandlerContext
RZ> handlerCtx) throws {
RZ> // Get the input
RZ> String type = (String) handlerCtx.getInputValue("type");
RZ> UIComponent root = (UIComponent) handlerCtx.getInputValue("root");/

RZ> in wrong case, when the type is "org.glassfish.admingui:loginform", the
RZ> root is null. but in correct case, the root is not null.

RZ> I will do further investigation tomorrow, but it will be helpful if
RZ> there is someone from Glassfish team(Admin GUI/Console) can help to
RZ> check the above code.

Thanks for looking at this. It's very important. Using lessons I've
learned from Manfred, I suggest you try a "last known good" approach
instead of starting out by looking at the source code. I've recruited
Arjan Tijms to help determine the last known Mojarra 2.3.0-m0X milestone
for which the Admin GUI worked. This will give you bounds from which to
use "git bisect" to find the commit that introduced the regression. For
more on git bisect, look in the book "Version Control with Git, 2nd
Edition" by McCollough in our Safari subscription. Of course, you'll
have to derive the git commit number corresponding to the release of the
milestone that Arjan identifies.

On the other hand, you can approach it whatever way works fastest for

Arjan, please report your results here (and Bcc: me directly in case it
ends up in the moderator queue).


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