Re: Zhijun: Mojarra 2.3 AdminGUIIT test reemove _at_Ignore

From: zhijun Ren <>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 16:37:44 +0800

Hi Ed,

As you said, I utilized the tool 'git bisect' today and have identified
the commit which introduced the problem, the problem can be reproduced
after the commit for bug, so reverting the
commit -r15126 can solve the problem.

btw, due to China National Holiday, I will be off from Oct 1 ~ 7. I will
check mail occasionally.


On 9/29/15, 23:13, Edward Burns wrote:
>>>>>> On Tue, 29 Sep 2015 17:31:18 +0800, zhijun Ren<> said:
> RZ> Hi Ed,
> RZ> I used glassfish 4.1 to do the test today, I found:
> RZ> 1. The issue is related to the jsf, without patch jsf, there is no
> RZ> problem, the 'localhost:4848' was visible. but if patched with latest
> RZ> jsf(2.3.0-m03-snapshot), the problem happened. I will call them correct
> RZ> and wrong cases respectively in the following description;
> RZ> 2. I debuged with glassfish's code, found the following codes run
> RZ> differently in the correct and wrong cases. class
> RZ> org.glassfish.admingui.common.handlers.PluginHandlers's
> RZ> includeFirstIntegrationPoint() method:
> RZ> / @Handler(id="includeFirstIntegrationPoint",
> RZ> input={
> RZ> @HandlerInput(name="type", type=String.class, required=true),
> RZ> @HandlerInput(name="root", type=UIComponent.class,
> RZ> required=false)})
> RZ> public static void includeFirstIntegrationPoint(HandlerContext
> RZ> handlerCtx) throws {
> RZ> // Get the input
> RZ> String type = (String) handlerCtx.getInputValue("type");
> RZ> UIComponent root = (UIComponent) handlerCtx.getInputValue("root");/
> RZ> in wrong case, when the type is "org.glassfish.admingui:loginform", the
> RZ> root is null. but in correct case, the root is not null.
> RZ> I will do further investigation tomorrow, but it will be helpful if
> RZ> there is someone from Glassfish team(Admin GUI/Console) can help to
> RZ> check the above code.
> Thanks for looking at this. It's very important. Using lessons I've
> learned from Manfred, I suggest you try a "last known good" approach
> instead of starting out by looking at the source code. I've recruited
> Arjan Tijms to help determine the last known Mojarra 2.3.0-m0X milestone
> for which the Admin GUI worked. This will give you bounds from which to
> use "git bisect" to find the commit that introduced the regression. For
> more on git bisect, look in the book "Version Control with Git, 2nd
> Edition" by McCollough in our Safari subscription. Of course, you'll
> have to derive the git commit number corresponding to the release of the
> milestone that Arjan identifies.
> On the other hand, you can approach it whatever way works fastest for
> you.
> Arjan, please report your results here (and Bcc: me directly in case it
> ends up in the moderator queue).
> Ed