Re: [3680-FlowScopedReentrant] PROPOSAL

From: zhijun Ren <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 14:59:17 +0800

Hi Ed,

Please review the updated code which attached in #3680.


On 2/13/15, 7:05, Edward Burns wrote:
>>>>>> On Thu, 12 Feb 2015 10:08:51 +0800, zhijun Ren<> said:
> RZ> Hi Manfred and Ed,
> RZ> I don't think this solution is a good one,
> RZ> 1. FlowCDIContext doesn't maintain status, it is used statically, as my
> RZ> understanding, it is a something like utility class;
> RZ> 2. Cardinality mismatch, your solution need maintain the depth for all
> RZ> stacks in Map/Collection, if this is done in FlowCDIContext, it is ugly;
> RZ> 3. The depth variable should be maintained and calculated in
> RZ> FlowHandlerImpl$FlowDeque, where it should belong to; By storing here,
> RZ> you only need to take care of the calculation of it, other things are
> RZ> done well by current mechanism;
>>>>>> On Thu, 12 Feb 2015 07:29:39 -0600, manfred riem<> said:
> MR> Hi Zhijun,
> MR> I respectively disagree here as you are requesting to bleed an
> MR> implementation detail into the API for convenience of the implementation.
> MR> Note I do not say your points are not valid, but introduction of a new
> MR> method should NEVER be because of an implementation detail forcing this.
> MR> So please go ahead and see what would be necessary to prototype
> MR> this.
> Hello Zhijun,
> Manfred and I talked about this and I've come around to his viewpoint.
> What's more, I've prototyped and tested it and it works fine. I've
> attached the changebundle to issue 3680. Can you please combine that
> changebundle with your new test and commit it to trunk when Manfred
> re-opens it?
> Once it's in trunk, please do the clone process on JIRA and do the
> backports to 2.2.x and 2.2.8.
> Thanks,
> Ed