[3680-FlowScopedReentrant] PROPOSAL (was: [jsr372-experts] Re: [jsr372-experts mirror] Re: [1361-FlowStackAndFlowScopedBeans] PROPOSAL)

From: Edward Burns <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 15:05:19 -0800

>>>>> On Thu, 12 Feb 2015 10:08:51 +0800, zhijun Ren <> said:

RZ> Hi Manfred and Ed,
RZ> I don't think this solution is a good one,

RZ> 1. FlowCDIContext doesn't maintain status, it is used statically, as my
RZ> understanding, it is a something like utility class;

RZ> 2. Cardinality mismatch, your solution need maintain the depth for all
RZ> stacks in Map/Collection, if this is done in FlowCDIContext, it is ugly;

RZ> 3. The depth variable should be maintained and calculated in
RZ> FlowHandlerImpl$FlowDeque, where it should belong to; By storing here,
RZ> you only need to take care of the calculation of it, other things are
RZ> done well by current mechanism;

>>>>> On Thu, 12 Feb 2015 07:29:39 -0600, manfred riem <> said:

MR> Hi Zhijun,
MR> I respectively disagree here as you are requesting to bleed an
MR> implementation detail into the API for convenience of the implementation.

MR> Note I do not say your points are not valid, but introduction of a new
MR> method should NEVER be because of an implementation detail forcing this.

MR> So please go ahead and see what would be necessary to prototype
MR> this.

Hello Zhijun,

Manfred and I talked about this and I've come around to his viewpoint.
What's more, I've prototyped and tested it and it works fine. I've
attached the changebundle to issue 3680. Can you please combine that
changebundle with your new test and commit it to trunk when Manfred
re-opens it?

Once it's in trunk, please do the clone process on JIRA and do the
backports to 2.2.x and 2.2.8.



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