Summary of my work before Chinese Lunar New year

From: zhijun Ren <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 11:16:30 +0800

Hi Ed and Manfred,

I have just committed #3680 so that I have time to observe the Hudson
test result before my holiday.

So far, the faces flow issues I have fixed with code submission to trunk
are as following:
1. JAVASERVERFACES-3593(Navigation from method-call-node to
method-call-node does not work), 2 drops of code including 23 test cases
and bug fixing code
2. “Refactoring the class NavigationhandlerImpl”
3. JAVASERVERFACES-3476(Do not set the inbound parameter, if the start
node is the method call, etc...)
4. JAVASERVERFACES-3475(Initializer does not see the inbound parameters)
5. JAVASERVERFACES-3694(Failed test:
6. JAVASERVERFACES-3695(Failed Tests:
7. JAVASERVERFACES-3574(NPE thrown when going into flow call node after
return from called subflow)
8. JAVASERVERFACES-3680(Entering same flow again as nested flow)

During the working on this issues, I found another issue:
- The finalizer method is not called when the flow call returned in
some(or all?) cases, beside the wrong behavior, this may bring risk of
memory leak;

Current left issues owned by me are:
- Bug#20054697(multiple deployments of appilcation to wls result in out
of heap error); [no response from filer]
- Bug#20282709 (stress: degration in performance of dukes tutoring over
time);[no response from filer]
com.sun.faces.test.agnostic.facelets.ui.Issue2717IT.testIssue2717 on
- JAVASERVERFACES-3629(Use final where possible in Flow implementation);
- JAVASERVERFACES-3130(NavigationHandlerImpl differs from specification
if a matching navigation-case element was located);

I plan to do the back port works of the faces flow after Chinese New Year.

Thanks for your help in the past days and wish you will be happy in
every day!