RE: FW: Ids in JSF

From: Anthony Mayfield <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 17:37:54 +0100

Hi Manfred,

Thanks for your response. I've got the code up and running, I've also
started to make some updates. As my initial email mentioned I've made some
fixes (I'll be submitting these to the issues I'd previously raised once
I've run the tests on the project and made sure they don't break anything).

The main reason for my email is query regarding id's and looking for id's
relative to the parent naming container if they cannot be found in relation
the current naming container. I should I add this as an issue in the issue
tracker? It's not really an issue, but a very helpful update,

All the best,


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From: Manfred Riem []
Sent: 02 July 2012 17:25
Subject: Re: FW: Ids in JSF

Hi Anthony,

Please let me know what was not working for you getting the build working on
your local machine? If some of the instructions are out of date we certainly
would like to know.

On the side of the bug fixes, can you file separate issues with respect to
each of the bugs you have found at the bug tracker at
And if you have the time to include a test application (with sources
that we can use to reproduce the issue that would be great.

Note any proposed bug fix has to go through our testing harness to make sure
the proposed changes don't break anything.

Feel free to ask anything you want related to building the sources, I'll do
my best to answer them.

Kind regards,

On 7/2/2012 2:59 AM, Anthony Mayfield wrote:
> Hi,
> Am I posting this in the wrong forum? I've spent quite some time
> setting up the sources so that I can commit to this project, could
> someone please point me in the right direction to get some feedback.
> I understand if it's a busy time or I just need to wait longer for a
> reply but could someone please let me know,
> All the best,
> Anthony.
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> From: Anthony Mayfield []
> Sent: 23 June 2012 16:04
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> Subject: Ids in JSF
> Hi Everyone,
> I've finally managed to get the build of the JSF working. I've
> documented two pages of bug fixes and necessary steps required for the
> build which I'll be publishing soon and will put a link up to help
> others who are hoping to build the source.
> One of the first updates I've put into the code is so that the id
> searching does not stop at a UIForm as a base if the UIForm is not
prepending an id.
> This was making it impossible for some of my components to be found
> The reason for writing this email is that I've also added a further
> update that if the component is not found relative to the base of the
> current component then the search will continue in the parent base of
> the current base and so on until a match has found. This has made the
> finding of ids in the application much simpler as I no longer need to
> write an absolute path for every component that is not in the relative
> naming container of the current component. I'm just wondering if
> there's a reason this hasn't been done before and if I were to submit
> this as a patch would it get added to the main code?
> All the best,
> Anthony.