RE: FW: Ids in JSF

From: Anthony Mayfield <>
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2012 20:43:55 +0100

Hi Manfred,

I presume you mean the Javadocs above the method. This just explains what
is happening in the method (as you'd expect). I'm just wondering if there's
any reason that the search doesn't continue above the current naming
container. Given the scenario of an ajax behaviour inside a form trying to
render a component outside the form it won't be able to do this unless an
absolute id reference is given (as the form is a naming container). By
giving precedence to the closet naming container while moving up the tree
one naming container at a time, you will be able to achieve this. This is
also especially helpful while passing ids to render into a composite

I've just had a closer look at the issue tracker, and I can add this as a
new Improvement type perhaps, I just wanted to check I wasn't missing
something obvious,

All the best,


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Hi Anthony,

With regard to the id issue you mentioned you might want to check the
Javadocs related to this.


On 7/2/2012 11:37 AM, Anthony Mayfield wrote:
> Hi Manfred,
> Thanks for your response. I've got the code up and running, I've also
> started to make some updates. As my initial email mentioned I've made
> some fixes (I'll be submitting these to the issues I'd previously
> raised once I've run the tests on the project and made sure they don't
break anything).
> The main reason for my email is query regarding id's and looking for
> id's relative to the parent naming container if they cannot be found
> in relation the current naming container. I should I add this as an
> issue in the issue tracker? It's not really an issue, but a very
> helpful update,
> All the best,
> Anthony.