Minor Groovy Refactoring

From: Jason Lee <>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 14:53:32 -0600

In preparation for supporting (hopefully) Scala and other languages like
we do Groovy, in my local tree, I have moved all of the Groovy classes
to com.sun.faces.scripting.groovy. I've tested the resulting JARs under
v2 and v3 (v3, btw, requires that groovy-all.jar be placed in modules/
due to OSGi) and nothing appears to be broken (the full suite of tests
is running now). I think the only user-visible change will be in the
filter config due to the package change:


Pending successful test suite completion, are there any objections to
committing this change (the diff is HUGE because SVN shows each line of
the deleted/added/moved file twice, once for the "delete" and once for
the "add")?

Jason Lee, SCJP
President, Oklahoma City Java Users Group
Senior Java Developer, Sun Microsystems