Re: JSF 1.2 open spec defects

From: Mark Collette <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 14:12:26 -0600

In ICEfaces, we have a feature called *partialSubmit*, which actuall
does a full form submit, as well as the complete lifecycle on all
components, but disables the /required/ attribute on components other
than the one which initiated the partial submit. This is important,
because values may have already been entered into other,
non-partialSubmit component, which will then be processed along with the
partialSubmit enabled component, that has caused the form submission.
Drawbacks are that the standard validators do not understand this
concept, and sometimes custom validators are necessary.

This is in contrast to other Ajax frameworks, which attempt to do the
lifecycle only on the component that caused the form submission, which
may be more performant, but can cause business logic incongruities if
one is not careful.

I think that these different strategies should be looked into, so that
their respective drawbacks can be addressed, with API changes if
necessary, and consistent nomenclature be used for them.

Mark Collette
ICEsoft Technologies Inc.

Matthias Wessendorf wrote:

>Hi Roger,
>what will happen to these issues ?
>The thread in issue 331 shows why that method is missing.
>The workaround is kind of ugly (see my other email).
>The fix is *easy*; just add the method and use it instead of accessing the
>list of PhaseListeners directly. This won't break the TCK etc.
>But... it would make it much easier to write a custom lifecycle for supporting
>partial submits.