Re:Should disabledClass be applied to select element too?

From: Michael Youngstrom <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 10:37:31 -0600

>>Coming back to your question, assume a scenerio where the two options
>>have different values for "disabledClass" which one would you apply on
>>"select" tag ?

Hmm....I guess I'm not sure what you're saying. The disabledClass
attribute is part of selectManyListbox component not the selectItems
so I'm not sure how you could run into an scenario where you have 2
options with different disabledClass values. The selectManyListbox
would simply use the disabledClass associated with itself.

>>Regarding "disabled" being rendered on select tag, are you sure about it
>>? I have a test case where I see its not being rendered and I think its
>>because of the following code in MenuRenderer

>>// don't render disabled here, because it is dealt with in a
>> // special fashin further down the callstack.
>> Util.renderBooleanPassThruAttributes(writer, component,
>> new String [] {"disabled"});

The version I'm using Branch JSF_1_2_PRE_TCCI does not appear to have
that code in the MenuRenderer so I'm not personally experiencing that
problem. I hope my using this branch isn't confusing our discussion
regarding the disabledClass location too. :)