Re: Seeking Review: 21-MethodBinding - Partial

From: Roger Kitain <Roger.Kitain_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:57:15 -0500

Adam Winer wrote:

> Why are we adding "javax.faces" messages here? So far,
> "javax.faces" messages have been reserved for user-presented messages
> (e.g., validation errors), and "com.sun.faces" messages for internal
> errors.
> I see little reason to change this; we can make all of these
> above messages "com.sun.faces" and keep them out of the spec.
> We certainly can't add "javax.faces" messages without any EG
> discussion.
> -- Adam

Ok. I agree on the lack of the EG discussion comment. I've put together
another change bundle backing out the javax.faces messages.

Please review at:

Thanks, Roger.

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