[javaee-spec users] EE level direction for mailing lists moving off sunsetting

From: Scott Kurz <>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 09:30:03 -0500

From the batch (JSR 352) perspective, we've already moved the RI, TCK, and
spec source off to GitHub (at projects):

We're still using only still for our:

a) our spec issues list:
b) the mailing list for discussion.
We plan to move the spec issues list over to the above three GitHub 
projects as well (hopefully the history migrates well, but if not we'll 
live with it).
As far as the mailing list, we were thinking of Google Groups. 
If there are any broader EE-level plans we'd consider that though.   Are 
By the way, though we abandoned the plan of doing a Batch maintenance 
release in EE 8, we intend to complete one for EE 9.
Scott Kurz
WebSphere Batch / Compute Grid Development