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From: reza_rahman <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 06:45:30 -0500

When I heard about the schedule, this is the specification that worried me most. Did Oracle solicit feedback from Will before they decided on that announcement? What can really be done in the time frame mentioned with the current resource levels? Is the plan to significantly escalate resource commitments? Significantly scale down scope yet once again?
It would also be good to hear feedback from the major vendors on this. In the original Java EE 8 survey the security JSR ranked the highest in importance. Although the new survey did not ask about all the security JSR features, the security features that were mentioned also ranked extremely high. I would say this JSR is important enough to delay the overall release train if needed.
What do others think?
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Thanks, that's good news. Despite the ball now rolling (and I think several requirements are pretty solid) do you think 375 will make it for the new "ambitious" Java EE 8 release goal (to be Final by July) or should 375 as a whole be considered more likely for the next Java EE umbrella release?

I copied the Google Group, is there any official mailing list or similar channel in sight that woudl replace the list when it's gone?



On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 2:06 AM, Will Hopkins <> wrote:




    I'd like to put out an EDR this week, or perhaps Monday. I think,
    based on the comments and discussion so far, that I've got a good
    enough understanding to update the spec for that purpose. There are
    some outstanding issues to be resolved, though, so please do reply
    to my latest comments in the "Comments on Current Spec Content (take
    3)" thread, or start a new thread, if you have input you'd like to
    see reflected in the EDR.





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