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From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2017 12:53:50 +0100

Thanks, that's a good point.

I have not heard back from him but fellow JSR 375 EG member Adam is
supposed to be on a panel at JavaLand I'm invited to moderate.
According to the schedule:
Rudy has a JSR 375 talk there (should be right afterwards) followed by
Gunnar and BV 2.0 (another "question mark" for EE 8 based on that new,
tight schedule) as well as David Delabassee having a Java EE talk that day.
The panel is in parallel to regular talks but I hope there will be enough
space (I heard it might be a little bigger) and that all of the EE related
speakers could also join us if they're not too busy preparing their


On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 12:45 PM, reza_rahman <> wrote:

> When I heard about the schedule, this is the specification that worried me
> most. Did Oracle solicit feedback from Will before they decided on that
> announcement? What can really be done in the time frame mentioned with the
> current resource levels? Is the plan to significantly escalate resource
> commitments? Significantly scale down scope yet once again?
> It would also be good to hear feedback from the major vendors on this. In
> the original Java EE 8 survey the security JSR ranked the highest in
> importance. Although the new survey did not ask about all the security JSR
> features, the security features that were mentioned also ranked extremely
> high. I would say this JSR is important enough to delay the overall release
> train if needed.
> What do others think?
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> Will/all,
> Thanks, that's good news. Despite the ball now rolling (and I think
> several requirements are pretty solid) do you think 375 will make it for
> the new "ambitious" Java EE 8 release goal (to be Final by July) or should
> 375 as a whole be considered more likely for the next Java EE umbrella
> release?
> I copied the Google Group, is there any official mailing list or similar
> channel in sight that woudl replace the list when it's gone?
> Regards,
> Werner
> On Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 2:06 AM, Will Hopkins <>
> wrote:
>> EG,
>> I'd like to put out an EDR this week, or perhaps Monday. I think, based
>> on the comments and discussion so far, that I've got a good enough
>> understanding to update the spec for that purpose. There are some
>> outstanding issues to be resolved, though, so please do reply to my latest
>> comments in the "Comments on Current Spec Content (take 3)" thread, or
>> start a new thread, if you have input you'd like to see reflected in the
>> EDR.
>> Thanks,
>> Will
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