[javaee-spec users] Re: Digest for list

From: Ondrej Mihályi <>
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 09:11:59 +0100

I can understand if is postponed to Java EE 9, because of the
short time frame for Java EE 8 and obvious lack of resources at Oracle.

What I don't understand that there is yet no new formal proposal for the
new features envisioned by Oracle at JavaOne and on successive events. I
saw presentations about new simplified messaging that could provide an
alternative to JMS or a thin and flexible layer over it, without any strong
dependencies on JMS. I saw presentations about a new configuration, which
even included code examples and made the impression that the proposal is
almost ready. There are strong plans to include a healthcheck JSR in Java

No matter the plans or visions, we still don't see any new submitted
proposals after JavaOne, which is already more than 2 months in the past.
We were promised to see the results of the GlassFish survey in a week after
the survey had been closed, but still we have very little information about
the results after more than a month. We only know that "MVC was placed near
the bottom therefore it was removed from Java EE" - something we already
expected after JavaOne. On the other hand, for example JCache is already
available and the expert group is still very active and is very close to
submit a maintenance release to address Java EE better, but we don't here
any discussion about it being included in Java EE.

If we discard all the work that has been already done and wait months until
some other work is not even started, I don't see anything significantly new
in Java EE 8. There would be little incentive for users to migrate to Java
EE 8 and I expect that many will wait until Java EE 9, or worse, will
migrate to some other, non-standard technology stack, or even away from JVM

*Oracle, please, announce also some positive news*, so that we may believe
that you really stand behind Java EE, the community, and in the end, behind
current your customers!

Ondrej Mihályi

> On 01.12.2016 07:43, Adam Bien wrote:
>> About pruning: JMS removal is unfortunate. IMO SOAP (jaxws) is a valid
>> candidate for pruning. The spec was not updated for years anyway. Any
>> thoughts?
>> —adam
>>> On 30 Nov 2016, at 21:42, wrote: