[javaee-spec users] Re: MVC Spec Future

From: David Delabassee <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 16:31:30 -0700

Make sure to also take the survey (*) to express your views on MVC but
also on the rest of the proposal.



On 19/09/16 16:16, John D. Ament wrote:
> Hi,
> This week at JavaOne its been mentioned a few times that MVC 1.0 is
> not going to be carried forward in the Java EE 8 spec. At today's
> talk, Linda did recommend people to share their opinions and this was
> one of the channels listed.
> It seems to me that MVC may not be understood completely. One of the
> benefits I see in the MVC spec is that I can have a backend domain
> model and choose what the client's view of that domain model are.
> This is actually a huge pain point with DDD and the underlying bounded
> context is of the service that is powering it.
> You can certainly define this using things like JSON-P, or even
> JSON-B, but with the MVC spec, I would have been able to define the
> client's view using a template engine to generate the proper JSON.
> So to me, MVC is a much needed framework for Java EE.
> John