[javaee-spec users] MVC Spec Future

From: John D. Ament <>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 23:16:16 +0000


This week at JavaOne its been mentioned a few times that MVC 1.0 is not
going to be carried forward in the Java EE 8 spec. At today's talk, Linda
did recommend people to share their opinions and this was one of the
channels listed.

It seems to me that MVC may not be understood completely. One of the
benefits I see in the MVC spec is that I can have a backend domain model
and choose what the client's view of that domain model are. This is
actually a huge pain point with DDD and the underlying bounded context is
of the service that is powering it.

You can certainly define this using things like JSON-P, or even JSON-B, but
with the MVC spec, I would have been able to define the client's view using
a template engine to generate the proper JSON.

So to me, MVC is a much needed framework for Java EE.