[javaee-spec users] CompletableFuture Usage in the Platfom vs CDI

From: Reza Rahman <>
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 19:40:15 -0500

The CDI EG is incorporating the concept of CompletableFuture into asynchronous events. Unfortunately for reasons I really don't see as good they are using it's superinterface CompletionStage instead of CompletableFuture.

I think this is a big ease-of-use mistake as CompletableFuture is designed to be the end user high level gateway API while CompletionStage is mostly as SPI intended for framework writers.

Given that the CompletableFuture concept is pretty widely applicable throughout the platform I think there is a need for consistency, oversight and guidance from the platform expert group. Otherwise I fear less than ideal ad-hoc decisions might be made in this case for CDI and possibly others down the line.

What do you think?