[javaee-spec users] Re: How can serious TCK issues be addressed?

From: Bill Shannon <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 11:01:58 -0700

If you're a licensee of the TCK, you already have a direct route to report
issues with the TCK.

Otherwise, suggestions for improvements in the TCK are probably best sent to the
spec lead, or filed in the corresponding spec issue tracker.

The TCK can be updated during its lifetime, but we typically only do that for
bugs in the TCK. As you note, adding new tests to the TCK raises an issue for
products that have already passed the TCK. We might consider adding tests if
serious portability issues are discovered, but probably not just to make the TCK

Note also that expert group members and licensees have access to the TCK before
the spec is finalized, explicitly for the purpose of helping us ensure that the
TCK is correct and complete. Sadly, that almost never happens.

arjan tijms wrote on 10/20/13 2:34 PM:
> Hi,
> I wonder if there is any procedure to address potentially serious defects or
> omissions in the TCK for a given Java EE specification.
> Hypothetically, suppose that the TCK for JSF tested a bunch of things, but did
> not test the most basic thing (that e.g. JSF actually rendered something), or
> that e.g. JPA would actually be able to persist anything, or Bean Validation
> would actually be able to validate, etc.
> If I'm not mistaken it's possible for serious spec issues to be corrected with
> an errata, but how does this work for the TCK? Can this be updated during the
> life time of a spec version, and if so what would this mean for products that
> have already been certified using an older version of the TCK?
> Kind regards,
> Arjan Tijms