[javaee-spec users] Re: bundle overriding

From: michael keith <>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 08:53:10 -0500

On 30/11/2012 1:34 AM, Markus Eisele wrote:
> Hi Michael,
>> Thanks for your feedback, and indeed for all of your active contributions to
>> the group.
> That is why I am here :) And honestly I'm addicted to Java EE ;)
You might want to see a doctor about that...
>> The point was to see if we could get a decent bang from an inexpensive buck.
> A good approach. Very pragmatical. But I'm still not in favor for it.
> Bottom line for me
> is, that it will not change anything significantly.
Apparently I didn't do a very good job explaining the intention. We were
not trying to make a significant change or add a significant feature.
Just look for ways to solve specific problems that people were having
and that modularity *would have solved* if we had it.
>> Providing me with references reminding me of my previous failed attempts to
>> get some kind of modularity into EE were unnecessarily just turning the
>> knife, however ;-)
> Wasn't meant to be like this. Sorry. I'm a strong supporter of "having
> modularity" in the platform.
> But I don't want to see a minute spend on things that "only look like"
> and don't truly change anything.
I said that in jest about the earlier efforts which really were about
modularity, but again, at this stage we were not trying to add anything
that looks like modularity or that even pretends to fill that gap.
Rather, we were seeing if people wanted to solve an existing problem in
a conventional non-modular way. Perhaps we should not be spending a
minute more talking about it, though, if there is no interest in doing
it :-)
> As I said, I believe it would be a good idea to start with kind of a
> "draft requirement document" to collect all the ideas and wishes that
> are around.
> We could also put it on and develop this further until we
> finally reach the point when there is either time or SE modularization
> ....
Feel free, it's an open site :-)
As for me, given that only three people felt the need to reply, and two
of them were against the idea, I will interpret this as a lack of desire
to pursue it (which is fine since it's one less thing that I will have
on my work plate) and at this point there are other fish that I want to
spend my time frying (such as EE configuration).


> Gruss
> M