[javaee-spec users] -experts list

From: Craig Ringer <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2012 08:54:00 +0800

It is becoming increasingly difficult to participate in any discussion
here because of the -experts and -users list split.

People keep on replying to -users discussion on -experts, removing the
cc of -users. The discussion is split between the two lists, and
whenever I go to reply I have to check the recipient list carefully or I
get a bounce from SYMPA explaining that I don't deserve to
participate^W^W^W am not an -experts list member. Because people remove
-users from the cc list I have to add it again every time, or my message
generally only goes to the most immediately recent participant in the

Does the EG seek outside opinions and experiences, or not? The -users
and -experts split - and more importantly, the fact that discussion
keeps on being moved to -experts - is a great way to suppress interest
in participation. Presumably the moves to -experts are necessary because
not everybody reads -users.

I would like to think that experience from people who're actually
implementing real-world applications and *using* the specs would be valued.

Craig Ringer