[javaee-spec users] [jsr342-experts] Re: Servlet Profile (was JAX-RS and the Web Profile)

From: Werner Keil <>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 13:02:08 +0100

About Jason's post, I love the idea of the Servlet+CDI+JAX-RS type profile.
Not sure, if JSP was needed as UI component, I'd leave the choice (and
there are plenty, take all these Web Frameworks out there) to users or
projects if possible.
At least these 3, together with JSON, Identity and most likely WebSockets
plus JSR-357 build the foundation to a future "Social Profile".

Seems more likely towards EE8, but all technologies ready with EE7 or soon
after are welcome to be used on top of the most appropriate profile
available then.

Am 23.02.2012 12:22 schrieb "Antonio Goncalves" <

> I remember back on the Java EE 6 expert group we talked about having a
> "minimal profile" with only Servlet & JSPs (I remember Rod Johnson being
> interested in such profile, Roberto Chinicci even wrote a few blog posts
> about it :
> I have a few concerns with this. First of all, JSPs are not evolving : it
> is a poor UI framework (no Ajax and so on) and is not a templating fwk
> either. Second, except if I'm missed something on Servlet 3.1, we don't
> have a simple controller to build MVC web apps. With just Servlets and
> JSPs, we miss the controller. I remember that the JAX-RS 1.1 and Servlet
> 3.0 expert group talked about it, but I think nothing happened.
> For me, such a minimal profile would make sense with a proper templating
> framework, Expression Language and a simple servlet controller ( la Spring
> MVC).
> My 2 cents
> Antonio
> On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 08:03, Jason Porter <>wrote:
>> I'd also like to suggest a simple Servlet or Basic profile. It would
>> include servlets, JSP, EL, CDI and JAX-RS. Essentially tomcat / jetty with
>> CDI and JAX-RS integrated. This would give a very powerful programming
>> environment (namely CDI and JAX-RS) as a strong base and also allow our
>> friends developing tomcat and jetty to join in and be a Java EE compliant
>> server! Oh, and JSF would then run purely in a Java EE environment, no more
>> "pseudo EE container" aka Servlet container.