[javaee-spec users] Re: [jsr342-experts] Re: Configuration

From: Bill Shannon <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2011 15:05:43 -0700

Pete Muir wrote on 07/21/2011 04:03 AM:
>>> I think the CDI EG would be happy to explore this, were it to be sanctioned by the EE EG and not just deemed a waste of time from the start.
>> I don't think anyone has suggested that it's a waste of time from the start.
>> But if all you end up with is a different syntax for doing exactly the same
>> things we can already do, it probably will be a waste of time. It's important
>> to understand what the larger goal is.
>> For example, if the larger goal is to consolidate all the deployment descriptors
>> into a single deployment descriptor that supports vendor-specific extensions,
>> let's find out if that's what developers want.
> Ok, well the offer stands - let us know if you want to explore a XML syntax for CDI 1.1 :-)

I think it's pretty much up to you and your expert group at this point.

It seems unlikely to me that we could apply this outside of CDI for EE 7,
but I can see some advantages to gaining experience with this new approach
in CDI for EE 7. But maybe you think you've got enough experience with
this in Seam Config? And maybe you've already got plenty of other things
to do for CDI 1.1?

Let us know what *you* think should be done!

And of course I'd love to hear from others on *this* expert group!