[jsr342-experts] Re: report on EG and EC Elections

From: Werner Keil <werner.keil_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 17:24:42 +0200

Dear All,

Sorry I couldn't meet some of you at JavaOne. I helped SouJava, Yara and
Vinicius with actual "Java EE on Embedded" not to mistake it for the
"Embedded" support many of you spoke out for (that's the container being
"embedded" inside a CI server, test suite, etc. not on an Embedded system
like Raspberry Pi, the wording seems a bit misleading btw, given ME and
SE/EE are rapidly growing together[?])

I largely agree with the summary Bill and Linda put together at the end of
the slides. For some JSRs or ideas the weeks since JavaOne brought a first
"brainstorming", especially those around Configuration, "DevOps" or better
Cloud support for the future of Java EE and where possible also ME. It
wasn't mentioned as clearly as with java.util.logging, but e.g.
java.util.preferences is a part of the JDK used even a lot less it seems,
and a vast majority of apps and use cases simply take properties files, or
different data formats whatever is available, but would not stick to the
Windows Repository instead[?]
A concept of "Preferences" found in several places, especially OSGi/Eclipse
in a more platform-neutral way could and should be incorporated into a new
Configuration effort, even though the majority of applications and services
benefiting might be server and "cloud" based. That doesn't mean, native
apps or the Billions of devices the Internet of Things shall bring us
should be ignored as it happened in the past. I am looking forward to
further activity in these areas, and while largely overlooked, at least the
State Management JSR (350) has potential and desire to work hand-in hand
with any sort of configuration API or management, too. After all it's
intended to manage the state of either a whole container or parts deployed
to it (on a tenant-per-tenant basis of course) and if a tenant or
"lifecycle" dependent way of configuration exists, the state and how to
react on state changes will of course also be configured the same way as
other information and resources the application needs.

Just for those here who may not have voted yet, the EC Election is still
ongoing till Monday.
This EG beside many large companies like Oracle, Red Hat, IBM, etc.
contains a rather large number of members currently Individuals. Not all of
them equally vocal here, but some shall be considered Full Individual JCP
Members even after the changes by JCP.next are incorporated. Others, I just
mention David and TomiTribe (a recently formed Start-Up) may fall into
different categories, mainly due to IP rights and ownership a vast majority
of these changes are about. To a certain extent changes in membership fees
aim to help Start-ups join as Full members, at a cost they can more easily
afford than it is today.

Some of you were asked about nomination, almost none, except a few JUGs
felt the urge do run for EC. After Stefano also dropped out and given the
JCP.next reforms are far from over (in fact the next steps involve legal
teams and we know how long that might take[?]) I decided to offer my support
to the next EC, especially being an Individual Member with ties to several
large Open Source communities like Apache or Eclipse. Except Eclipse
Foundation none of the others are seeking EC Election this time. How
organizations like Apache, Eclipse, Open Geospatial Consortium, etc. shall
be represented in the JCP is also subject to JCP.next.
Thus if you feel like the Community could still be represented a bit aside
from Eclipse Foundation, please take that into consideration when voting.

Next to the mastermind behind Configuration ideas, Mike Keith I can proudly
say I helped JSR 330 and 299 (CDI) find synergies back when Java EE 6 was
finalized. And also helped Bill or others with aspects of JCP.next (like
license harmonization) at least on a more technical level.
I'd be happy to continue that as a bridge between JCP.next/EC and Umbrella
JSRs like EE also for JavaEE 8 if you want me to do so.


On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 1:35 AM, Bill Shannon <bill.shannon_at_oracle.com>wrote:

> As previously announced, we held an expert group meeting at JavaOne.
> Slides summarizing the meeting are posted here:
> https://java.net/projects/javaee-spec/downloads/download/JavaEE-EG-meeting-results.pdf
> The purpose of the meeting was to talk about potential items for Java EE 8.
> I presented a list of items that I collected (see the slides), which we
> discussed just enough to make sure everyone understood the item. We then
> added items suggested by attendees.
> Finally, to prioritize the items, attendees voted for the items they
> thought
> were most important. (Oracle attendees did not vote.) Each attendee was
> given 10 dollars/votes and allowed to spend them however they wanted on the
> listed items. The slides summarize the results of that vote.
> Note that the results of that vote should only be considered a "straw poll"
> and not necessarily indicative of what might be in Java EE 8.
> Our intent is to use the results of this discussion to prepare a poll,
> probably including fewer items than were considered in this meeting, and
> collect feedback from the entire community, similarly to what we did for
> some Java EE 7 issues.
> I'd be happy to have any attendees fill in more details on the discussions,
> and/or provide corrections to any of the slides.
> Thanks.

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