[jsr342-experts] Re: [] Welcome to JSR 342

From: Bongjae Chang <bongjae.chang_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 22:46:22 +0900

Hi all,

I'm excited to join this EG with all of you.

I'm Bongjae Chang and a senior software developer at TmaxSoft in South
Korea, which offers line of web-based middleware products in the industry.
We have a Web Application Server, "JEUS" which is compatible to JavaEE 4,5
and 6.
I've developed Clustering, Session Replication, Network I/O, Servlet, EJB
container and Transaction Manager for seven years.
Plus, I've participated in open source project Grizzly and Shoal which are
sub-project of Glassfish as a committer.
And now I'm a EG member of JCache(JSR-107), too.

I am interested in most features of JavaEE 7, but especially cloud and
PAAS parts.

Looking forward to our discussions.

Bongjae Chang

On 5/24/11 7:28 AM, "Linda DeMichiel" <linda.demichiel_at_oracle.com> wrote:

>Welcome to the Java EE 7 Platform Expert Group
>This message is to announce the formal launch of the Expert Group for
>JSR 342 and to welcome you all as members. Thanks again for offering
>to participate in the Java EE 7 Platform effort.
>The expert group currently includes representatives from 7 companies and
>6 individuals. The current members are:
>Deepak Anupalli (Pramati)
>Florent Benoit (OW2)
>Adam Bien
>Bongjae Chang (TmaxSoft)
>Jeff Genender
>Antonio Goncalves
>Jason Greene (RedHat)
>Jevgeni Kabanov
>Werner Keil
>Reza Rahman (Caucho Technology)
>Ming Li (TongTech)
>Nicolas Leroux
>Bill Shannon and I will be sharing the Specification Lead roles for
>this work.
>There are also a few more companies and individuals who are still
>sorting out their representation, processing JSPAs, etc., who I expect
>will be joining us shortly. The current members of the expert group
>and their contact information are listed on the expert group page at
>To start things off, and so that we know that the javaee-spec project
>on java.net and the jsr342-experts mailing list are working correctly,
>we would appreciate if you would reply with a brief note so we know
>that we have you on the list correctly. It would be even more helpful
>to send this reply to the group with a brief self-introduction and a
>note about the particular areas of this JSR in which you yourself are
>most interested in being (pro)active.
>Please also (and always) feel free to send any comments or concerns
>you might have directly to either Bill or myself.
>My next message will address the logistics for arranging for members
>of your company to view the email sent to the expert group.
>Thanks again for participating! We're looking forward to working
>with all of you to build on the success and momentum of the Java EE
>Linda DeMichiel
>Java EE Specification Lead
>4220 Network Circle
>Santa Clara 95054