Oracle CEP®
Development Environment for Eclipse

Oracle CEP Development Environment for Eclipse ("Oracle CEP tools") is a set of plugins for the Eclipse IDE designed to help develop, deploy, and debug applications for Oracle CEP

Key Features

  • Project creation wizards and templates to quickly get started building event driven applications
  • Advanced editors for source files including Java and XML files common to Oracle CEP applications
  • Integrated server management to seamlessly start, stop, and deploy to Oracle CEP instances all within the IDE
  • Integrated debugging
  • Event Processing Network (EPN) visual design views for orienting and navigating in event processing applications

Oracle CEP Development Environment for Eclipse is available free of charge to all Oracle CEP users. For more information, read the complete license.

Current Version -
The online forum for Oracle Complex Event Processing is a great place to ask for help.

Oracle CEP Forum

For additional support options contact Oracle through the standard Oracle Support channels.