Oracle CEP®
Development Environment for Eclipse

The 11.1 release of the tools is based on the 3.5 version of the Eclipse platform. The following software is required to run the Oracle CEP Tools:


Requirement   Notes
A JDK 1.6 VM    
Eclipse 3.5 and WTP 3.1  

The target Eclipse install must include the Eclipse Platform, Java Development Tools (JDT), Plug-in Development Environment (PDE), and Web Tools Platform (WTP).

The easiest way to get all dependencies at once is to get the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (Win32 | Linux). The Oracle CEP Server is not a JEE based server, but this bundle from Eclipse is the one that contains all the necessary dependencies.

For those that have Eclipse 3.5 but do not have all the dependencies, see the Installing Further Eclipse Dependencies section on obtaining the rest of the dependencies through the Update Manager.

Legal Notice:

Eclipse 3.5 and WTP 3.1 are required for the use of this product but Eclipse 3.5 and WTP 3.1 and are neither provided, nor licensed by Oracle. Eclipse 3.5 and WTP 3.1 are available as part of a separate download and licensed under a separate Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement available from Your license agreement with Oracle does not modify or abridge any rights or obligations you may have in such open source technology under the applicable license.

Oracle CEP 11.1   This must be installed on the same computer as the IDE.


Installing Further Eclipse Dependencies


If you have Eclipse 3.5 installed but are missing any of the further dependencies, they can be installed by taking the following steps:

  1. If you require an internet proxy to be configured in order to access the internet, make sure you have done so under Window > Preferences then General / Network Connections
  2. Go to the Help > Install New Software... menu
  3. For performance reasons, you may wish to uncheck the option to Contact all update sites during install to find required software
  4. In the Work with combo box select Galileo
  5. In the resulting list make sure the following features are selected:
    • Programming Languages
      • Eclipse Java Development Tools
    • General Purpose Tools
      • Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment
    • Web, XML, and Java EE Development
      • Install everything in this category
  6. Click Next and proceed through the install wizard, restarting when requested