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ADF Task Flows, Part 1

Hands-On Practice


In this hands-on you create a bounded task flow to run as an ADF Region in an ADF Faces page. Within this hands-on you create and use the following task flow activities: view activity, router activity, method call activity, and save point restore activity.


ADF Task Flow is an extension of the JavaServer Faces controller and provides functionality not available in the current and the next version of JSF. The ADF Controller – the owning technology of Task Flow – is a key success factor for Oracle ADF in the context of JavaServer Faces and Web 2.0 application development. You find Task Flow not only within the context of custom ADF application development, but also in Oracle product suites like BPEL and BPM.

Prerequisite and Setup

Open the file and extract the contained folder containing the starter application. Extract it to a directory on your computer.

Time to Complete: 60 minutes

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