[jsr356-experts] Re: [jsr356-users] API and spec niggles

From: Danny Coward <danny.coward_at_oracle.com>
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 17:17:42 -0800

Hi Mark,

On 12/1/12 10:05 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> I have noticed the following while working on an implementation of the
> the latest draft:
> 1. 4.4-4.6 state that @WebSocketPathParam must be Strings. 4.3 has a
> slightly wider choice of types. I assume the wider choice is the
> intended behaviour.
Yes, this is updated in v009 to be consistent to the wider range of
types and modes.
> 2. I found myself writing the following a few times:
> (ServerEndpointConfiguration) endpoint.getEndpointConfiguration()
> Is there a simple way we can remove the need for this cast? (I can see
> some more complex refactoring options)
Well, we have tweaked this API so the call is no longer there. See v009.
> 3. Do we want to define some constants in the API such as WebSocket
> handshake HTTP header names and values?
Yes ! Let me work on a list.
> Note: I wrote this over several days and I suspect 2 may have been
> overtaken by events.
Sigh, I know how you feel :)

And yes I agree we should be able to get the CloseReason in the
@WebSocketClose also. Let me file an issue for that so it doesn't get lost.

- Danny
> Mark

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