[jsr356-experts] Spec v011 / JCP Public Draft

From: Danny Coward <danny.coward_at_oracle.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 10:44:11 -0800

Hello experts,

So that we can start the JCP Public Review cycle, I have updated our
v010 spec to v011, and sent it to the JCP Program Management Office as
the Public Draft of our spec. They should be publishing it in the next
week, so if you are watching the JSR page, you'll see it there.

For now, here's the link:-


The changes between v010 and v011 are largely editorial, both in javadoc
and the specification document. The substantive change is the
incorporation of Scotts suggestion for containers that support batching
of messages which you see on a separate thread.

If you have not read the spec for a few drafts: This is the one to read
and take a red pen to !

Hopefully we'll get some new folks reading the spec and paying
attention. Feedback will come in on on the user mailing list, so if you
are subscribed there, you will see it. I'll consolidate issues and
suggestions as they come and bring them up here and we will decide what
to do about them.


- Danny
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