[jsr369-experts] Programmatic API for session-timeout

From: Shing Wai Chan <shing.wai.chan_at_oracle.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 17:17:53 -0800

I am looking at the issue [1] of missing programmatic configuration API for <session-timeout>.
Under <session-config>, we have <session-timeout>, <cookie-config>, <tracking-mode>.
The other two are configurable from programmatic API.
So I suggest to add the following two API in ServletContext
    public int getSessionTimeout();

    public void setSessionTimeout(int sessionTimeout);

In [1], it also mentioned the missing of programmatic API for <distributable>. I do not plan to add API for this unless there are interesting use cases.

Please let me know your comments.

Shing Wai Chan

[1] https://java.net/jira/browse/SERVLET_SPEC-70