[jsr369-experts] Re: Servlet 4.0 and ALPN

From: Mark Thomas <markt_at_apache.org>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 23:09:47 +0200

On 13/07/2016 22:41, Martin Mulholland wrote:
> Section 1.2 of the Servlet 4.0 spec states that, to support HTTP/2,
> there is an implied requirement to support APLN. This is consistent
> with the HTTP/2 RFC. In the same section it also states a requirement to
> support Java SE 8 which is consistent with the Java EE 8 requirement for
> Java SE 8. However ALPN support is currently planned for Java SE 9 and
> is not part of Java SE 8.
> Are there any plans to backport ALPN to Java SE 8 or are we expecting
> container providers to provide their own, or an open source, version of
> ALPN? Thank you,

Short version: The EG asked Oracle for a back-port. Oracle refused.

Long version:

I believe Jetty has a JRE point release specific patches to back-port
ALPN support.

Tomcat requires that OpenSSL is used (either via the APR/native
connector or via the OpenSSL JSSE 'implementation') for ALPN (and hence
HTTP/2) support.