From: Stephan Koops <>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 01:09:26 +0200


Request.evaluatePreconditions(..) returns a ResponseBuilder, which
contains the status 413 (Precondition failed), if the Preconditons
doesn't match. If the request is is GET (or HEAD) it could also be 304
(Not modified). Than the server MUST (says HTTP) contains also e.g.
expires, Cache-Control and others (see

In a resource method performing GET requests the developer must check,
if the returned ResponseBuilder represents 413 or 304, and - if needed -
add the shown headers. The current version of ResponseBuilder does not
allow to check the status. So I propose to add a method
ResponseBuilder.getStatus() returning the type Response.Status to check

I also propose to add to the javadoc of
Request.evaluatePreconditions(..), that the addition of some headers is
required in the case of 304, with a link to

And a small other point: We discussed about the question, if a
RuntimeEnvironment is allowed to throw a subclass of
WebApplicationException where the spec defines a WebApplicationExc. The
answer to this question was "yes, why not?", but it is not defined in
the spec now. We should also define, that a runtime environment MUST NOT
use exception mapper for this sub classes, but only for WebAppExc. This
is needed, because an app developer could give his own exception mapper
for WebAppExc, which should handle the requests thrown by the runtime

Sorry, that I'm late with this, but that are only a small changes.

best regards