Re: JSR311: Transactions and JAX-RS

From: Bill Burke <>
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2008 19:02:53 -0400

I was trying to show a design pattern, with Transactions as the example.

Stephan Koops wrote:
> Hi Bill,
> I do not fully understand what you mean, but: You CAN'T see transaction
> in a REST system, because they are not allowed. Transacation requires
> session state, and session state is not allowed in REST. So if you have
> Tx, you don't have REST, if you want to have REST, you coud not have Tx.
> Or do I miss something?
> best regards
> Stephan
> Bill Burke schrieb:
>> No, I don't want JAX-RS to have a transaction model :)
>> One pattern I've seen in REST is how they solve distributed
>> transactions. The pattern seems to be
>> /transactions/{tx-id}/.../whatever/your/real/resources/are
>> So really the transaction resource is allowed to contain any resource
>> the server supports. (I hope you are following me, if not I'll expand).
>> So, how would you implement something like this? The transaction
>> processing is like a Subresource locator in that it processes the
>> first part of the request, but it doesn't do anything with the rest of
>> the request, and doesn't provide a Subresource.
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